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Ways and Prevention Antivirus and Virus Busters Ramnit September 23, 2011

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Ways and Prevention Antivirus and Virus Busters Ramnit  Ramnit is one of the latter virus is more rampant. Characteristics of the most easily recognizable on the infected computer is the creation of 4 pieces Ramnit shortcut on a removable disk with the name:
  • Copy of Shortcut to (1). Lnk
  • Copy of Shortcut to (2). Lnk
  • Copy of Shortcut to (3). Lnk
  • Copy of Shortcut to (4). Lnk
Behind the shortcuts that can be easily recognizable, many other Ramnit actions that are not easily detected, among others infect files *. exe / *. dll / *. htm / *. html, injecting a multi-processes in memory, and trying to download other malware. Ramnit equipped with advanced capabilities that make stealth rootkits in memory. Ramnitcan infect a computer a clean with a variety of techniques, through exploit shortcuts, autorun, or through execution of the exe file / etc and HTML that have been infected.
That involves a web server that contains files htm or html. As we know, one of the deployment method is to inject file Ramnit htm / html which aims to spread itself through the browser files opened by the victim computer.
So if he manages to inject a webserver, so anyone can access the webserver will be infected by simply opening the file htm / html on the webserver. More sorry again if you are a webmaster or webdesigner’s a lot to deal with htm or html file.
Once a computer / server is infected Ramnit then all htm and html files will be in the injection by Ramnit and bad news is that until recently all antivirus programs will remove or at least quarantining the file.
When in fact htm and html files can still be cleaned up so no need to start from scratch again. Once again Vaksincom cooperate with programmers from Jogja, Yayat make tools, show Chanet Splitter II to save the htm and html files that can be downloaded for free on the site Vaksincom .
Antivirus untuk Membasmi dan Menangkal Virus Shortcut Ramnit
Chanet Splitter II
Maybe you still remember the virus Kespo, where this virus has the ability to inject MS Office files that have extensions. Doc and. Xls. At that time many local antivirus racing to create tools that can fix files that are already in the injection by Kespo one of which is the handiwork Splitter Tools chanal Yayat bung from Yogya.
Now along with the emergence Ramnit, he re-create the tools by name CHANET Splitter II is used to repair the file HTM / HTML Ramnit already infected. Tools can search for files HTM / HTML quickly on the drive / folder that we have set earlier and fix it so the file can be used again without removing it.
Here are some of the advantages possessed by CHANET Splitter II is:
  1. Free
  2. Able to find and kill the process Ramnit active in memory automatically when CHANET splitter on the run
  3. Able to repair registry altered by the virus
  4. Being able to delete the master file Ramnit
  5. Protect your PC in order to be immune from Ramnit
  6. Protection order Ramnit not make the virus file to a USB Flash
  7. Finding and fixing file HTM / HTML infected Ramnit
  1. Disconnect the computer from the network in order to prevent re-infection.
  2. If your computer is still infected Ramnit, use the first Norman Ramnit Cleaner Ramnit to stop all active processes on your computer and clean the file. Exe and. Dll in Ramnit injection. Then scan the HDD including Full Removable Media (USB Flash / HDD External) using an updated antivirus to clean the file EXE / DLL that have been infected.
  3. Use the tools Chanet Splitter II if you want to make you immune from Ramnit computer with one button. Besides being able to repair the file HTM / HTML, Chanet Splitter II also has the ability to protect your computer in order to be immune from viruses Ramnit.
  4. Tools that we include is ONLY used to repair the file HTM / HTML that has been infected Ramnit only. To clean the file EXE / DLL that had been infected Ramnit Norman Ramnit please use the Cleaner.
  5. It is advisable to install Windows security patch (MS10-046 KB2286198)
Sources: sec
How To Remove Virus Ramnit :
  1. This is what I got from antivirus to remove viruses ramnit reference. Only you know. Because the other hell to pay. Hehe http://www.freerav.com/
  2. Should indeed be re-installed my computer but after that you all do not install the driver first. The way to do is the way to the 3
  3. Turn off autorun via start-run or be with Win + R and typing gpedit.msc. on computer-system configuration 2x click on the “Turn off autoplay” enable and click below click on the All drives and do the same on the user configuration
  4. Temporarily turn off access to the System Volume Information and Recycle every Hard drive. The trick is to click tools folder options to view or hide the tab uncheck the use simple file sharing and click ok, then right-click on System Volume Information on drive C: \ click sharing and security on the security tab click advanced and remove centangan the option below. Click ok. If there is a warning just click ok. And ok and finished. Do it to recycle and on the other drive
  5. Create a folder Microsoft in two places, namely in security c: \ program files \ and c: \ program files \ common files \ and do the way to the 4
  6. Virus scan with your antivirus mainstay. And will dtemui wide range of viruses of millions. If the place I have 6000 viruses. . htm file that 3000 just does. . tp wrote ^&^*& tetep
  7. mecurigakan delete files in your drive eg tryel.exe http://asrizalwahdanwilsa.blogspot.com/2011/09/cara-dan-antivirus-pembasmi-dan.html
  8. Supposed to be here until the computer is secure. If my place anyway. Hehe.
  9. While not copying the same file with a file that is infected dfolder the same name. As I “D: \ program files had been infected with all the” now I replace install on “D: \ programs files \” hehe
  10. Hope it helps

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