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‘The Dark’ Will Arrive BlackBerry September 23, 2011

Posted by ariefsyamsudien in Info.

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BlackBerry Dakota (photo: Legal)

NEW YORK – Verizon observe Which manufacturer will occupy the third position as a smartphone platform that loved the global market after the Android and iPhone. In this case seems to be unable to compete with Blacberry Windows Phone 7 (WP7).

According to Verizon’s CEO, Lowell McAdam while at Goldman Sachs conference this week, that he thought that in the near future this will soon be known who will occupy the third position as a manufacturer who is ready to compete with the dominant smartphone platform held by Android and iPhone.

McAdam noted that although Android and the iPhone is now a champion of the smartphone industry, but surely there is a need for a third platform which will become their competitors. The question is who will occupy the platform position.

“The operators began to converge to meet the needs that brought them occupy the third ecosystem. Over the next 12 months I think it will dissolve and you’ll start to see either one will emerge as a legitimate third ecosystem. In my opinion, these positions will be contested between the rim with Microsoft. But I hope Microsoft will come out a winner, “Clearly, told TG Daily, Friday (09/23/2011).

Before Android and iPhone are present, the mobile phone market is not very flexible. It is used to make many significant changes that might occur.

But in this environment, market share has been cut off and fully Blacberry drastically reduced, so that double-digit market share Blacberry forced to disappear on a regular basis.

This is not only due to external factors, but also because Research in Motion (RIM) has failed to follow this competition. When the company launched the BlackBerry OS 7, I think it becomes something extraordinary. The presence of these new features could get a compliment, but actually they show that the feature is similar to the features of Google and Apple that have been introduced years ago.

Then the emergence of BlackBerry as a tablet Playbook which is expected to work well, but ultimately failed because the user must use a cell phone to unlock all features Blacberry in the Playbook.

RIM hopes to launch new smartphones that use operating system used on the Playbook, to boost sales and success Blacberry back.

Presumably it looks too late, because as a leading brand, has been tarnished by the failure Blacberry Playbook sales and out of the current mobile ecosystem.



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