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how to make the blog into the top rank SEO September 23, 2011

Posted by ariefsyamsudien in Blog.

How to Enrol on Webmaster Blog
Webmaster. the name alone is announcing the WEB MASTER, must have been really master. yes?This webmaster is an article submission or posting a sitemap to crawl, index, and rank your site.Webmsater party would automatically come to your site / blog us through the intermediary of robots. However, with the help of this Webmaster, will further facilitate the process of indexing, indexing is not alone, there are many more advantages of this webmsater. So if you want to blog or post we have indexed in the search pages of Google, Yahoo or Bing. Our blog should be listed in Google’s Webmaster , Yahoo Explorer and Bing Webmaster . Most who use the Blogger only three of this course. but that’s more than enough for all three web there has been known as a Web Master by the society in general. Both we noble from Google, then Yahoo and Bing
  1. Google Webmaster
    • Before starting make sure you have Gmail or Google Account has an account, but here I will use Gmail Account. if not have you must first create a Gmail account, you can register here if you’ve just got our start.please click on the Google Webmaster . then click Sign in to Webmaster Tools.
    • Enter your password and click Sign In.
    • After that you will enter the Home page, there would seemingly Your Blog“you also verified owners from the following site. Do you want to add it to your Webmaster Tools account?” if it is selected click Add. if not there you can link your Blog steeled in the box at the bottom of the site, if it is then click Next.
    • Perform Verification how to click Manage, click Add or remove owners.
    • Click Verify by using different methods
    • Hitman Add meta tag to your homepage then copy the meta code in the box, put in your template design how to click, click Edit Html. Find the code if you have found  Paste the above  then click Save Template. Once the template is saved then click Verify
    • Having verified that done next is to send a Sitemap. make sure you have at Home Google Webmaster . click on the site we have listed earlier.
    • Click Configure the site, then click Sitemaps.
    • Click Submit Sitemap. This copy feeds / posts / default? orderby = updated paste it in the box, then click the Sending Site Map
    • If it succeeded would like the picture below. so if you update the post, Automatic Google Webmaster will crawl / index it.
  2. Yahoo Explorer
    • Before starting, you must have a Yahoo Mail account. if we had just started. make sure you have login in Yahoo Mail, when I click on this linkYahoo Explorer . write your blog’s address in the box as shown below, then click on Add My Site.
    • After this verification process, how to click By adding a META tag to my home page. Meta then copy its code. Paste code in your templatedesign how to click, click Edit Html continue to find this code put its code on  Meta continue to click Save Template. After the pair again and click on the Ready to Authenticate.
    • Next I send Sitemap. Make sure you are at page My Sites, click the link to your blog
    • Click the Feeds
    • Copy this feeds / posts / default? Orderby = updated paste it in a box like the picture below, then click Add Feed
    • So there you have been sent Sitemapnya, but still Pending, later also active by itself, your post has been automatically indexed in Yahoo now.
  3. Bing Webmaster
    • Lastly, make sure you already has an account Bing. if not you can register here If you already get on with it. click Bing Webmaster . clickSign In Webmaster Tools
    • Usually when Bing was still new account will appear as text in this picture.Just click Save
    • Click Add Site. Then a window will appear that the city would you input a link or address of your blog, if you have click Submit
    • Furthermore, the verification process you click on the Option 2: Copy and paste a tag in yur default Meta webpage and copy the code, paste it in your Blogger Template. Plan how to click, click Edit Html,Meta search  put the above code  then click Save Template. after the tide and deposited click Verify.
    • Next send Sitemap, do click Crawl, click sitemaps (XML, Atom, RSS),and then click Add Feeds.
    • This input feeds / posts / default? Orderby = updated and then paste it in the box, then click Submit
    • That way you will be automatically indexed poting by Bing.

The length? But it’s done in three ways Webmasternya Register. hufffddd, if there are not so understand please leave a comment.
sumber: http://donorilmu.blogspot.com



1. RIO adventure - September 26, 2011

ok mbah lumayan

2. Admin - October 9, 2011

@RIO adventurendang di praktekno

3. Admin - October 9, 2011

@JeQiyo kang hehe

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